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quinta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2017

Look #00844

On Bruno
Hair - Stealthic - Hysteria 
Mask -NU- Neck Warmer @MOM (Men Only Monthly)
Shirt - R.D - Freddy X Jason T-Shirt @Hangar Monthly Event
Watch - [VEX] Merit Diamond Watch 
Pants - [Deadwool] Broberry jeans - tufa
Boots - -NOeditiON- Unisex Bootd w/ Garters @Epiphany 
Pose - p.o.s.e. male stand #4
..::THOR::..  The Little Den In Genoa 
..::THOR::.. Vintage Workbench
...::THOR::..  Wrench Series
..::THOR::.. Vintage Aircraft Project1
..::THOR::..  Wood Planer
...::THOR::..  Mixed Tools Series
..::THOR::.. Old Column Drill
..::THOR::..  Wood Toolbox
..::THOR::.. Vintage Aircraft Project2
..::THOR::.. Old Industrial Chair
..::THOR::.. Old Genoa Photo Holder
..::THOR::.. Old Trellis Lights
..::THOR::...::THOR::..  Vintage Car Repair Sign
..::THOR::..  Model Kit Box
..::THOR::..  Airbrush
..::THOR::.. Vintage Workshop Sideboard

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