Look #00566

by - outubro 22, 2016

On Bruno
Hair - *~*Damselfly*~*Cameron Non-Rigged Mesh Light Reds
Bracelet - **RE** ReVoX M5 Bracelets
Jacket - ..S..: Mirror Plated Jacket - Lite (Boxed) @Event Tres chique.
Pants - INVICTUS - Light  jeans - TMP, AESTHETIC ,Sl SHAPE
Socks - ..::ILLI::.. Adapter Socks Sport Pack (wear to unpack) - deluxe Adapter socks are made for SLInk,Signature,Aesthetic,TMP and Classic avatars and given the ability to wear SLink Male shoes while using it.Classic needs the alpha included. Shoebase is optional.
Pose - *CS* The Premium - Set @Event MOM (Men Only Monthly) 

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